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Experience Elevation, Event Consultation, Cultural  Integration & More!

Beaucoup (buˈku) - [B0ukou]  a whole lot or a huge amount.

Lagniappe (lañap) - [lanˈyap]  something extra or more.

The combination of the Louisiana Creole (Kréyol La lwizyàn) words is expressed as "Beaucoup (Buku) Lagniappe" or a whole lot of something extra.   At Buku Lagniappe, we believe in adding a whole lot of something extra to elevate events into unforgettable experiences that linger in the hearts and minds of our clients. Our dedicated team of "Experience" Specialists is here to turn your dreams into reality, ensuring that every detail is a reflection of your unique style and vision.



We offer a wide range of event services, including event consultation, theme development, elevation and logistics.  We specialize in community events and branding. Our team of experienced professionals will work closely with you to add extra special touches to your unique experience.  From concept to execution we will elevate your experience with  Buku Lagniappe (a whole lot of something extra)!

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