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Women-Powered Business Coaching & Training

Your brand is your baby and Alia C. delivers.  Alia is Your professional Brand Doula and Push Coach.  PUSH Sessions are laboring events designed to give new or renewed life to brands by pushing the boundaries of customer and collaborative engagement through informational and networking events for up-and-coming entrepreneurs, artists, and creative game-changers. 

The IncubateHER is a space for women-powered business ideas to hatch, develop and grow.  It is designed to facilitate and support the early stages of entrepreneurial development.   Join our weekly podcast.

SEED (Sister  Entrepreneur Education & Development) Sessions are designed to identify and nurture individual career paths and life purpose.    The seed (you) comes into the world with purpose, genomic imprinting.  With proper germination (stimulation) and incubation (environment), the seed grows organically and brings forth the fruit it is intended to bear.  That fruit is your life's purpose. The gift you were born to offer the world.


Encore Entrepreneurship

Many times life will take us away from our path for one reason on another,  but the seed is never dead but dormant. We have a proven record of pollinating personal passion and purpose and are prepared to work to facilitate productive conversations and exercises developing effective strategies to awaken the seed from dormancy and assist with the birth of purpose and movement into divine destiny.  


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