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Meet the Brand Doula


Alia is descended from a long line of mid-wives and doulas*.  She has always taken great pride in the bloodline and legacy of  her maternal lineage of  "baby catchers".  Her greatest aspiration was to carry on their legacy by becoming an Obstetrician, since Midwifery was not a curriculum option at the time.  She entered Xavier University set on studying pre-medicine.   Even while dreaming  of  "catching babies" when Alia played with childhood friends pretending to be adults, she was always in a make-believe office handling business. One of her favorite hobbies was rewriting commercial scripts and taglines, and recreating logos.   She concluded she would combine her two loves by running her own private obstetrics practice. 


During sophomore year, she took a marketing class as a required elective and found herself looking forward to that one class more than any of the required science classes.  After taking a couple additional business classes, she made the difficult decision to change her major. To make the switch a bit easier mentally, she made the compromise to study Business Administration while dabbling in the idea of shadowing a doula.  She transferred to the Business Department and graduated with a Bachelors of Science Degree in Business Administration & Marketing.  Throughout the years the dream of continuing the legacy of baby catching persisted.


She began her career in Marketing and Brand Development with a national telecommunications company and later moved to work in industries including publishing, government and non-profit.  Regardless of how busy her full time jobs kept her, she always found time to breathe life into small businesses, helping them with their business plans, marketing and branding,  She found fulfillment in assisting others in pursuing their passion and birthing their dreams.  While consulting businesses she found herself drawn to woman-owned start-ups.  While laboring with a client who asked if she was living her dream, she had the opportunity to share her regret of not fulfilling the desire to continue the legacy of birthing babies.   During the discussion Alia expressed her affinity for the brands that she had assisted in bringing to life and nurturing.  How helping her clients  birth and develop their brands was like a doula.   It was in that moment that a lightbulb went off and  Alia realized that she was indeed carrying on the legacy of her maternal grandmothers.  Her gift was not in the birthing of babies, but brands! The awakening was the reality that throughout her career she has always been The Brand Doula with a gift of helping others conceive, labor and birth their passions. 

With over 20 years of success developing and marketing brands at every stage of the product/service lifecycle, she takes pride in her holistic methods of personal and brand development coaching and is prepared to assist you in your brand delivery through conception, development, maturity and beyond!

* A doula is a professional labor assistant who provides physical and emotional support during pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period.


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