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Destination Branding

Every destination has a personality that reflects its history, heritage, diversity, quality of life, values, needs and resident's sense of place. Many things contribute to how people experience their community, but one thing is essential in shaping a city’s personality – and that is how people see, feel, and connect with its cultural life.  That cultural identity is the City’s Story/brand and The Brand Doula is your partner in communicating your story through meaningful opportunities for residents to connect with their communities, and visitors to connect with your City's authentic culture.  Through the diversity of culture, we celebrate a richness of resources and have great stories to tell.  Stories that confirm the value of historical identity, pride, and artistry of community.  


Culture is being touted as an indispensable resource for civic vitality and prosperity. The goal of EVERY City should be to find ways to better connect residents with their community by offering diverse events and educational initiatives to generate and support organic cultural experiences. The aim should be to increase community, visitor and business participation in arts and cultural endeavors by entertaining, educating and energizing residents and visitors through the celebration of its unique culture, its identity.


We effectively connect communities with their stories through impactful, engaging experiences to enhance better community connections, quality of life, and sense of place.  What’s your City’s story? The Brand Doula is dedicated to building your community brand through authentic branding and powerful storytelling. 



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