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Pruning and Cutting the Cord

Updated: Dec 30, 2019

At every stage of life there is a need for pruning and cutting away those things that no longer serve us. Sometimes it is parts that we think we need or feel we cannot live without. The irony is we cannot live and thrive by holding on. In order for the baby to continue to live, grow and thrive independent from its mother, the cord must be cut. In order for trees to continue to mature old limbs, dead leaves and fruit must be pruned.

In every stage of life we must take inventory of where we are, where we we are going and where we would ultimately like to be. The inventory has to include the identification of things or people that are stifling growth. The difficult part is the severing of some connections that have proven to be detrimental. Though difficult, it is imperative to the fulfillment of life and purpose.

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